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Little Shelford quiz night & auction


The fundraising quiz for the Multiple Sclerosis Trust on May 13th has now sold out.









Supporters for the quiz evening include:


David and his friend Steve Morrow have decided to combine their love of cycling and their passion for the boutique charity, the MS Trust in 2023. They are planning to cycle 320 miles from London Paris in July to raise money towards a new MS nurse. The quiz is their main fundraising event ahead of the ride.

I have decided to combine my love of cycling and my passion for the MS Trust in 2023. I am planning to cycle more than 300 miles from London Paris in July.

I’ve decided to take on this rather large challenge for several reasons.

First and foremost, the MS Trust can only do the great things they do thanks to people raising money for the charity through fundraising, whether it’s running marathons or having a cake sale. They don’t receive a penny from the Government or the NHS.

I know that fundraising is tough at the moment. Most people are struggling to cope because the cost of living is going through the roof. So, I thought that if I can lead by example and try and raise £2,000 towards a new MS Nurse for the NHS, it might just inspire one or two others to do the same thing. I know times are tough, but with more than 200,000 people on the neurology waiting lists, the money we can raise and the additional staff we can provide are more important than ever.

Another reason for me donning my lycra is that it’s the Trust’s 30th birthday in 2023 and I felt I ought to push myself and do something special to commemorate the occasion rather than just make lots of speeches and blow out lots of candles. Raising vital funds to help ensure the MS Trust can continue helping people with MS for the next 30 years and beyond seems as good a reason as ever. 

And I also want to get fit in 2023. Those people that know me will know I am a bit of a cake monster. The training and the four days in the saddle between London and Paris will be long and tough, especially as I am on the wrong side of 60 and have a false knee. It will be a stretch. But the sense of achievement and the genuine thrill of cycling and giving something back to the MS Trust just feels like the right thing to do in these tough times.

Your support would really be appreciated. Whether its 30p or £30, it all makes a big difference for a great cause. And you have my personal guarantee that the money will be spent sensibly. Your financial support is really appreciated.

Or, if you fancy a challenge too, why not join me on this epic ride? I have previously ridden from London to Amsterdam for the MS Trust and the experience. Riding alongside so many people in MS Trust shirts, is one I will never forget.

David Martin

David & Steve’s Justgiving page

David and Steve’s fundraising page

Posted March 10 2023

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