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New local indoor cycling studio offer


ClubCycle is a new indoor cycling studio on our doorstep - and its offering a special deal for Stapleford and Shelford residents.


Based at Copley Hill Business Park (next to Wandlebury), ClubCycle is a purpose built spin studio with state-of-the-art bikes and equipment. ClubCycle offers a range of classes throughout the day, starting at 6:00 am and finishing at 7:30 pm. They also have weekend classes. 


There are 9 different instructors at ClubCycle and they all have their own style of teaching. There are classes suitable for all fitness abilities, from elite athletes to complete newbies. ClubCycle uses a coach by colour system so that every workout is tailored to you. Based on your gender, weight and fitness level the intensity changes meaning that the 'red zone' for a 14 stone man who cycles daily will be set higher than for an 8 stone woman returning to exercise. 


Indoor cycling has many benefits, such as: aiding weight loss, keeping the heart strong and healthy, being a social way to exercise, being low impact and kind to the joints, strengthening muscles and not having any problems with the weather! 


You can try ClubCycle for just £10. Use the code SHELFORD15 for 15% off your first membership.


Find all information about membership pricing, classes and instructors here:



Posted March 29 2023

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