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Little Shelford Parish Council

The Parish Council meets six times a year, usually on the third Monday of the month.

Click here for the Shelford events calendar, which includes when the next meeting is taking place. Members of the public are allowed to attend the meetings.


Read the minutes from the recent Parish Council meetings

Village spending up 4%

Little Shelford's share of the council tax bills will increase by 4% from April.

The Parish Council has decided to increase its spending from £35,500 to £37,000.

  • ​Great Shelford's share of their council tax bills is increasing by 15%.

  • ​Stapleford's share of the Council Tax bills will increase by 6% from April.

Posted Jan 30 2024

New Parish Council Chair

Robin Skinner is the new chair of the Parish Council. He has succeeded Andrew Hawthorn.

Brie Lury is the new Vice-Chair of the Parish Council.

Robin lives in Church Street. He has worked in technology and related businesses since studying electrical engineering at university.


He is currently working for a consultancy just outside Cambridge, specialising in the design of medical devices.


Together with his wife Fiona, he moved to little Shelford 30 years ago. In that time, their two children have grown up and flown the nest. Outside of work he enjoys playing golf, following cricket and rugby and country walks with our dog.

Robin said: "I don't have any priorities at this stage. I have not come with an agenda. I want to listen to people across the village including through our new survey and then try to run the Parish Council effectively for everyone who lives here."

Posted June 1 2023.



Parish Council budget increases by 16%


The Parish Council's share of the Council Tax bill is increasing by 16%.


The council is increasing its spending from £ 30,600 to £35,500.


In a statement, the Parish Council said: " After a year with no increase the parish council is putting the precept up to £35,500. This reflects the impact of inflation and higher staff costs. Besides the usual costs the council is setting aside some budget for responding to the many infrastructure projects in the area that may impact us, directly or indirectly. In the coming year the council aims to develop a long term plan to safeguard and enhance the Wale recreation ground."

Posted Jan 30 2023

Financial support for Little Shelford residents

Little Shelford Parish Council have linked up with John Huntingdon’s Charity (JHC) based in Sawston to enable residents of the village to access information, advice, guidance and financial assistance in these difficult times.

The charity has a small team of experienced Support Workers who can help with benefits, housing, debt and grants.

The charity also run a food bank.


If you are struggling, please give JHC a call on 01223 492492 or e mail them at  to arrange an appointment.

You can also contact JHC through Facebook, by just liking John Huntingdon’s Charity.


The JHC office is manned Monday to Friday for the following hours:

Monday 9-2pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9-4 pm

Friday 9-1 pm

Please leave a message on the answering machine if no-one answers, and they will get back to you as soon as they can

If you are a Little Shelford resident who is struggling financially, call John Huntingdon’s Charity on 492492

Posted Nov 29 2022

New Parish Clerk

Beckie Whitehouse in the new Parish Clerk. 

New councillors


Deborah Hunt, who lives on Hauxton Road, is the newest member of the Parish Council.

Sally Evans, who lives in Church Street, joined the Parish Council at the May 2022 council meeting.

There is one councillor vacancy. Those interested should contact the Chair, Andrew Hawthorn


Read the minutes from the recent Parish Council meetings

Shaping the future of Little Shelford 

A Little Shelford Village Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document was developed by a team of villagers, sponsored by Little Shelford Parish Council alongside Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service to provide additional design guidance in support of the adopted Local Plan policies.

It was approved by South Cambridgeshire District Council in December 2021.

This is the Little Shelford Village Design Guide .


The guide draws on extensive research and evidence gathering by the local community over a number of years. Once adopted, the document would become a material consideration in the determination of planning applications in the village.

Posted Dec 22 2021

Parish Councillors


Robin Skinner

Church Street

01223 840967


I have worked in technology and related businesses since studying electrical engineering at university. Currently I work for a consultancy just outside Cambridge, specialising in the design of medical devices.
Together with my wife Fiona, I moved to little Shelford 30 years ago. In that time our two children have grown up and flown the nest. Outside of work I enjoy playing golf, following cricket and rugby and country walks with our dog.

Andrew Hawthorn
52 Whittlesford Road
Finance, VDS

I have lived on Whittlesford Road, with my wife Tiggr and son Thomas, since 2005. Tiggr was a teaching assistant at Stapleford Community Primary School. Thomas will be going to university this autumn to study history. I was a parent governor during much of the time he was at Shelford school and have been a parish councillor for six years.


Following a career working in IT, I am now retired. For a different type of challenge, I have been volunteering for Citizens Advice since May 2017. I am a regular, keen, bridge player and enjoy long walks with family and friends. Although I have taken up growing a few vegetables, most of my time working in the garden is spent trying to keep it under control!

Sarah Penn
High Street
01223 842899/ 07799 638090  
Planning, Police liaison, Sports Pavilion

Having trained as a nurse at Guy’s Hospital and spending 45 years working for the NHS, I fully retired 3 years ago.  My husband Nigel and I moved to our present house in Little Shelford in 1993 with our two children, who have long since fled the nest. I have been a Parish Council member for 3 years and a member of the History Society Committee. 


I spend time looking after my elderly mother and my Grandson. I am a member of Saffron Walden Golf Club where, as a novice golfer, I am trying to improve. I also enjoy Pilates, walking and holidays.

I have lived with my family in Little Shelford since May 1997, when I moved into 12 Church Street with Jayne, my wife, and our children Lottie and Elliott. So, we have been in the Village 24 years. The Children have now grown up and I now live in one of our thatched listed cottages at 73 High Street.

Over the years I have been involved with various aspects of Village life and I have been on the Parish Council since June 2004, so 17 years. I’m also a member of All Saints Church in the Village.

I am Chairman of two local Charities, Shelford and Stapleford Youth Initiative, a Christian Charity which runs the Youth Centre in Great Shelford and supports Youth Work across the three Villages. I am also Chairman of Cambridge Joint Playschemes, a small charity that runs Saturday activities and holiday clubs for children in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire with severe learning difficulties. I am also a Governor at Granta School, Linton (our local Special School), a member of the Little Shelford Entertainments committee and Chairman of the Little Shelford Cricket Club.

I work from home most of the time and I am a Director at PwC, the consulting and audit company, where I am a subject matter expert in Enterprise Performance Management. Most of my work is now in the UK but over my 35 years of consulting I have spent a lot of time with clients in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, and the Middle East.

I really enjoy living in Little Shelford and have made many friends over the years. I want to make sure the Village maintains its vibrant sense of community and that’s why I believe it’s very important to support our local amenities, societies, and clubs. The Church, the Memorial Hall, the Pavilion, the Wale recreation Ground, the Garden Fields allotments, the community Orchard, Bradmere Lane and the Navigator Pub are all important assets for our community, and I do what I can to support and protect them. 

Over the years I have developed a specific interest in local history, our village has a very rich history with many famous residents over the centuries into the current day and we are fortunate to still have very many listed buildings in our midst. I enjoy sharing this knowledge with fellow residents and hope that others will therefore continue to support the conservation of these aspects of the Village.

I’m happy to see sensible levels of sympathetic development in and around the Village but I also believe we must work to maintain and protect the core conservation area and hold back the tide of urbanisation that could damage the Village and its sense of community.


David Jones
73 High Street
01223 847213
All Saints Church, SSYI, Wale Rec Ground, Trees, Ents Committee

Brie Lury
71 High Street
Vice Chair Planning, Ents Committee, Good Neighbours project, Great Shelford library

In the dim distant past I qualified as an accountant with Unilever, became an IT project manager implementing SAP  across Europe, moved to N.Z for 4 years. Returned to the U.K. having met a Little Shelford resident, to whom I am now married. I then worked as an IT consultant in the city for 7 years before moving to Little Shelford with my son and husband in 2006.


I now work as an administrator for Cambridge Fine Art our family business, I am the Beaver Leader for our local colony and I am treasurer for Little Shelford Entertainments Committee.

Richard Patterson
Garden Fields
01223 842 998

Good Neighbours project, transport

I have lived in Garden Fields, Little Shelford since 2002 with wife, Collette, and children Dan (b.1999) and Alice (b.2002), Both the children went through Shelford School. Collette was on the Parish Council for a good few years and put me forward to lead the footpaths group. That was a 6 year adventure leading, sadly, to an ultimately unsuccessful public enquiry at the village hall. We tried. It was certainly a good introduction to the village!

I am a chartered civil engineer now doing contracts and procurement for a living with Mott MacDonald in Cambridge on project all over and in various sectors, mainly water. That far too often keeps me away from the Little Shelford Badminton Group on a Thursday night. I have also been following the Spurs since I was 7.

I do my best to follow my life philosophy and stay cool, stay sober, stay smiling!

Sally Evans

Church Street 

01223 841475

After a career in nursing, science and finally teaching, I now run my own business making jewellery. Together with my husband I am also a partner in our accountancy practice.

I’ve lived in the north in several places, including Newcastle and Leeds and then settled in Cambridge for many years, before moving to the village in 2005.

My husband Philip was a parish councillor for 10 years.

I love walking, especially in the country with our dog and I enjoy swimming and yoga, also relaxing with a good book and going to the cinema and theatre.


Deborah Hunt

Hauxton Road

Phone 01223 842833


I have lived in the village with my partner for 10 years. I work as a Consultant Psychologist for the NHS. I have been a parish councillor and a school governor in the north Cambridgeshire village where I used to live. 

Outside of work I enjoy walking, pilates, theatre and travel. I am also currently involved in supporting language lessons for our Ukrainian residents. 

Beckie Whitehouse

Parish Clerk

County Councillors

Maria King

07764 609061

Brian Milnes

07971 886 113

District Councillors

Peter Fane

07802 256 861

William Jackson-Wood 

Member of Parliament

Anthony Browne


Nearby Parish Council links and contact details







Stapleford Parish Council

Belinda Iron
07840 668048

Hauxton Parish Council

Jessica Ward

Harston Parish Council

Diane Bayliss


Whittlesford Parish Council

Marian Swann

07815 550308

Great Shelford Parish Council

Libby White

T: 01223 61 66 22

c/o 3 Sheepwash Way, Longstanton, CB24 3GZ


An A to Z guide to who does what in and around Little Shelford


Abandoned cars

South Cambridgeshire District Council


Little Shelford Parish Council

Bin collection

South Cambridgeshire District Council


Births and deaths

Cambridgeshire County Council


Building regulations

South Cambridgeshire District Council

Bus passes

South Cambridgeshire District Council


Council tax collection

South Cambridgeshire District Council



South Cambridgeshire District Council


Electoral register

South Cambridgeshire District Council


Emergency planning

Cambridgeshire County Council


Fly tipping

South Cambridgeshire District Council


Food safety

South Cambridgeshire District Council


Grants for home improvements

South Cambridgeshire District Council


Guided Bus

Cambridgeshire County Council


Housing/ Providing council housing

South Cambridgeshire District Council


Housing benefit

South Cambridgeshire District Council


Leisure centres

South Cambridgeshire District Council



Cambridgeshire County Council


Noise complaints

South Cambridgeshire District Council


Park and ride

Cambridgeshire County Council



South Cambridgeshire District Council



Cambridgeshire County Council


Pest control

South Cambridgeshire District Council


Planning applications

South Cambridgeshire District Council (although the parish council is consulted on every application in the village)



South Cambridgeshire District Council


Roads and traffic

Cambridgeshire County Council


Rubbish Collection

South Cambridgeshire District Council



Cambridgeshire County Council


Social Services

Cambridgeshire County Council


Street Lighting

South Cambridgeshire District Council 


Sweeping the streets

South Cambridgeshire District Council


Trading Standards

Cambridgeshire County Council



South Cambridgeshire District Council


Great Shelford Memorial Hall

Mrs Sheila Tilbury-Davis 01223 844384

Waste and recycling sites

Cambridgeshire County Council

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