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Little Shelford Safari Supper update

The Little Shelford Safari Supper will be taking place on Saturday 18th May 2024


Organisers are now collecting further information and firm replies from anyone in the village interested in coming to the Safari Supper on Saturday May 18th.  It’s a great way to meet people in the village and see old friends, and has been really popular with villagers new and old over the years they have run it. 


Please do get in touch via emailing if you are interested in coming or would like to find out more.


The evening will start with drinks together at 7-8pm, and participants will then get an individualised itinerary for the evening.  Mains and desserts will be in two different locations in groups of around 8 people, and then there will be an opportunity to meet again at the end of the evening.


Everyone who comes contributes in some way, and gives a preferences of what they would like to do.  This year the various contributions will be: 


a) Provide canapés and help with starter drinks

b) Host a main course for 8 people including yourself/yourselves

c) Host a pudding and coffee for 8 people including yourself/yourselves

d) Provide wine for a main course or a contribution to drinks at the end*

e) Help at the end drinks (finish 11.30pm) or the following morning 8.30-9.30am in the village hall to clear*


* If we have volunteers to help we have arranged to use the village hall as a venue for a final get together. 


The whole evening is about meeting people, creating links and celebrating living in Little Shelford.  Any food needs to be able to be left alone for some time beforehand so it’s an evening where casseroles or simple food work really well rather than fancy cooking.


They collect information on dietary issues in advance so they can be catered to.  There is no need to come as a couple.


Please do get in touch with Kate Beaton via email or ask one of the Committee members if you are interested in hearing more.  They will need firm replies by 28th April latest.


Organising Committee: Kate Beaton, Shona Keene, Mel Chaplin, Sarah Nye, Julie Martin, Christine Ruffles, Susie Fraser, Jo Thorndyke, Liz Carrothers.

Posted March 27 2024



The event is a great way to get people together in the village, to meet new people and to see old friends.  Everyone makes a contribution in some way but not everyone needs to host or make any food, so we hope that means that anyone can take part - we just ask that you live in Little Shelford and that you’re an adult. We’ve run the event 4 times before and in 2019 had over 100 Little Shelfordians joining in, and many of these enjoyed it so much that they are already signed up to come again this year.  We would love new people to join too.


The evening starts with drinks and canapés all together, where attendees will be given a card telling them 2 different locations for their main and dessert courses.  We all head off to main course at the same time in groups of around 8, and then head on again to a second destination for desert with a different group of 8 people.  Hosts don’t know who is coming until they answer their doorbell - although we do make sure that they have any dietary information in advance.  At the end of the evening those who want to can come together again.  This is a much loved part of the evening where people can see old friends and continue conversations with new acquaintances.  We are hoping that we will be able to do this in the Navigator as we have before, but if that’s not possible we have a contingency plan.


The whole evening is aimed at bringing people together and creating an opportunity to get to know new people in the village, young and old.  Hosts tend to find that simple food that can be left alone, such as casseroles, work best whilst they go to drinks or main courses - it’s all about meeting people and bringing them together rather than fancy cooking.  


As well as needing volunteers to host main and dessert courses for groups of 8 or so we also need help by making canapés, helping with starter or end drinks and making a contribution of wine for main course hosts.  If we are not using the pub we will need some non hosts to give contributions to end drinks, help organise these and some helping hands the morning after tidying up.  So there is lots of help needed if you are not able to host.


We don’t need people to come as couples.


We will be sending out more information and requests for preferences of how you can help to those who’ve expressed interest in Mid March, and will need firm replies in by Mid April.  We will let everyone know what they need to do by early May so that those hosting have plenty of time to get organised. We’ll also collect information of any dietary issues and let hosts know in advance.  


If you are interested or want to find out more let us know now, do email, or ask any of the committee below.


  • Kate Beaton

  • Shona Keene

  • Liz Carrothers

  • Jo Thorndyke

  • Sarah Nye

  • Susie Fraser

  • Julie Martin

  • Christine Ruffles

  • Mel Chaplin

Posted Feb 27 2024

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