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Little Shelford Telephone Library 

The phone box on the High Street opened in May 2010. It is a mini-lending library for the residents of Little Shelford. It was one of the first phone box libraries in the country.


Here’s how it works:

Bring along a book of any sort; it might be a children’s book, a cookery book a DIY manual, a novel or a biography or any sort of book you think villagers might like to read.

Then have a look at the books on offer (The children’s books are in the book-box on the floor). 

When you’ve found a book that you wish to ‘borrow’, by all means do so and be sure to leave a book of your own in its place. Obviously if you take two books….then please leave two books of your own in exchange.

We will keep an eye on which books don’t seem to be so popular and if this is the case we will remove them and donate them to a charity shop. In this way, we hope to keep the stock of books fresh and interesting. 

The best way you can help us to do this is to borrow books from the box regularly. 

And finally, for really popular books, if you see a book you fancy reading one time you visit and the next time it’s gone, make a note on the Post-it pad and stick it on the window asking for it to be returned as soon as the last borrower has finished reading it (in other words ‘swopped back into stock’) so that you can get your hands on it. That way the person who borrowed it will know that it is in some demand.

Mary Palazzo

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