Minutes of the Little Shelford Parish Council meetings

Minutes of the Parish Council meetings from Jan 2016 to July 2021 can be found here.


Present: Andrew Hawthorn (Chair), David Jones, Richard Patterson, Robin Skinner, Brie Lury, Peter Fane (DC Cllr), Nick Sample (DC Cllr). Brian Milne (CC Cllr) Sarah Penn attended remotely

Parish Clerk: Penny Tanna attended remotely  . Members of the public: 1

1.         Apologies

Ken Turner, Maria King, Jenny Forbes

2.         To resolve the minutes of the meeting held on 17th January 2022

(circulated to members)to be signed as a correct record.  

Minute:  Agreed by all as a correct record, signed & dated by the Chair.

3.         Matters arising:

25 copies of bound Village Design Guides have been printed. To be presented at the Annual Village Meeting & available for purchase at £10 each.

4.         To receive declarations of interest

Cllr DJ declared a pecuniary interest in the SSYI & LS Cricket Club

Public Session: none

5.         Warden Scheme for Little Shelford

Jenny Forbes is unable to attend. Postponed to next meeting.

6.         To receive District Councillor’s Report & County Councillor’s report:

District Council Report circulated. Cllr PF reported

Business grants for Covid are now closed. Bin collections have been affected by staff shortages owing to illness & forced holiday uptake. The DC has approved it’s budget for the next year with a raise of Council tax of £5 per year for Band D property.

SCDC & CCC have been working together to introduce civil parking enforcement.  If the application is approved, it may be introduced in Autumn. Details of how it would be implemented and how it would impact villages are not known as yet but problem areas are likely to be targeted first.  PF would like fines for cars idling outside schools. 

County Council Report circulated. Cllr BM reported

The level of Covid infections are sharply increasing. He detailed CCC actions regarding Cambridge Water quality. Highways Dept has received less Central Government funding. CCC has created Highways Improvement Board to examine priorities and determine best use of funds.

7.         Roads, Traffic and Police Report

a) 20 is plenty report – RS/RP

Public support for the 20mph speed limit is unknown. The County Council support this initiative and are introducing a new system & costings for future applications.  Cllrs discussed canvassing the public after the system is in place. BM noted that long term effectiveness of decreased speed limits is minimal.

Cllrs discussed the suggestion, by a member of the public, of introducing bicycle parking in Church St with road space dedicated to bike racks.  This would result in road narrowing which could slow traffic. It would encourage cycling to the village hall. It could include planters. A Highways officer would have to assess the site before any action.

Action: RS to speak to the Memorial Hall committee.

Action: Speed limit to be raised at the Annual Village Meeting.

b) Update on High St repairs

Only partial repairs to the High St were carried out owing to lack of materials. AH has liaised with Highways but no completion date is known.

c) The Terrace

SP is in discussions with the land owner regarding lighting solutions.

The Clerk reported County Council are making a site visit to examine the uneven surface and broken signage. She thanked Roger Payne & Brian Milne for their help.

d) EWR Local Representatives Group meeting – DJ

DJ attended the meeting but found it ineffective and has nothing new to report

Following an email vote of approval of all PC cllrs, the PC added its signature to a letter from Cambridge Approaches to Grant Shapps demanding EWR publish their Business Case study

e) Fires in phone box & bin

Both fires were reported to the Police & crime numbers obtained. The Phone box has been emptied, cleaned and will be restocked.

8.         Planning Report

a) Local Green Space (LGS) status for Camping Close update - BL

The previous site assessment of Camping Close shows it did not meet several criteria for LGS status.  It is unlikely that the addition of a permissive path would fulfil all requirements. Clerk circulated information regarding creation of permissive paths.

Action:  BL & DJ to speak to landowner permissive path significance and process.  

b) Recent applications:

22/00165/HFUL & 22/00166/LBC  – 93 High St – Demolition of existing outbuilding and  erection of new outbuilding of a similar size in the same position. – Comment submitted

22/00175/HFUL & 22/00176/LBC – 11 High St – Partial demolition of modern extension, erection of part two storey, part single storey rear/side extension and incorporation of existing outbuilding into main dwelling – no comment submitted

22/0315/TTCA – 29 Church St – Fell 10 Cedar & 1 Spruce. Not visible from the Highway. DJ will bring the application to the attention of the neighbours.

For information only

22/0238/TTPO – 12 Manor Rd – 5 day notice for removal of Oak tree dangerous branch

It was noted owners of 26 Church St have invited the PC to a site visit to discuss plans prior to an application being submitted. Cllrs noted that no PC support of any application is implied by acceptance of the invitation.   Action: DJ/BL to respond to invitation.

Neil Ruffles has brought to the PCs attention that two buildings in the village are deteriorating. Discussion followed as to their listed status. The PC can apply to list them.  Action: AH to respond to email.

9.         Accounts (documents circulated prior to meeting)

a) To receive account balances & authorise payments in accordance with the RFOs report

Payments presented for approval              Amount

STS - work on Wale tree                                1200.00

SP - tree hydration bags for Wale trees           144.99

Minuteman Press - AVM leaflet                        105.00

N.O. - Phonebox repair                                      72.50

PT expenses - domain/Hosepipe /chalkboard 193.09

Morgan Barrett - 21-22 Payroll services            60.00

Capalc membership (on approval)                  388.22

Total                                                           £2,163.80

Expenditure made prior to approval               Amount

CK - tarmac for Bradmere lane pot hole         177.19

SSE - Pbox/streetlamp Jan/Feb bills                83.33

Total                                                              £260.52

Resolved:  the account balances were receive & payments list duly authorised.

b) Approve 21-22 donations up to £500 

AH noted £500 unallocated from 21-22 budget. He proposed £150 to All Saints Church to support the village magazine, £200 to Gt Shelford Primary School and £150 to SSYI.

Minute: Members unanimously approved the proposed grants. Clerk to action

c) To consider renewal of Capalc membership & DPO scheme at £388

Minute: Members unanimously approved renewal of Capalc membership

d) To consider and approve the annual Risk Assessment.

A draft of the risk assessment, circulated prior to meeting, was discussed. 

Minute: Parish council approve the Risk Assessment.

e) To consider and approve electricity contract

PT circulated pricing for new 1 and 3 year contracts with existing supplier SSE. Owing to fluctuating supplies no other suppliers were prepared to quote.  The PC is on the variable rate tariff with very high standing charges. The clerk recommends proceed with SSE. She highlighted the Phone box energy usage was high.

Minute: Cllrs approved a 3 year contract for the street lamps.

Minute: Cllrs approved a 1 year contract for the phone box. Action: Clerk to investigate more energy efficient methods of lighting the phone box.

f) Proposal to change bank mandate signatories

AH reported the bank now allows multi signature online payments which would be in keeping with the financial regulations safeguarding expenditure & reduce use of physical cheques. He proposes increasing the number of signatories on the account by making the clerk a signatory.

Minute Cllrs unanimously approved the clerk become a bank signatory. Action: New bank mandate to be signed at the May meeting.

Following changes to the Financial Regulations and approval at the November meeting, AH will apply for a debit/credit card. The card will have a spending limit and all expenditure will require approval from the PC in the same way as existing payments.

Minute Cllrs unanimously approved application for a credit card for the Chair with an agreed limit and with all expenditure requiring approved by the PC

g) Approve increase in clerks salary to National Joint Council 21-22 payscale ie £10.21/hr

Minute Cllrs unanimously approved an increase in the clerks salary in line with the new NJC payscale.

10.       Allotments & SCOWP update:

a) SCOWP report

The claim for 1st year of UTCF grant has been submitted by PT.  A fun evening was held last week at the orchard with the Shelford Beavers group. 

b) Allotments

PT reported 1 LS resident on the waiting list. One plot uncultivated. Action: DJ to contact the tenant.  The bonfire area is being used by non-tenants.  A sign has been posted to say the bonfire is for use of tenants only. No fly tipping

A meeting was held the previous week.  Actions agreed - Costings to be obtained for earth removal on the bonfire plot for information only at this stage

11. Matters relating to the Pavilion & Wale Recreation Ground

a) To approve grass cutting contract.

PT noted the lack of quotes was owing to small size of contract & general staff shortages in the industry. Two quotes were circulated and discussed. It was agreed to accept the quote from a local contractor based in Whittlesford.

Minute: Cllr approved the contract with Green Acres Ltd. Clerk to action

b) Bollard lighting repairs

AH reported the suppliers had examined the bollards & contacted the manufacturers regarding possible repair under warranty.

c) Cricket club request to share cost of rolling Wale grounds, approx. £180

Minute:  Cllrs approved expenditure of up to £180 on rolling of Wale grounds.

d) Update on UTCF tree maintenance - SP

SP reported hydration bags had been installed on all 5 trees. A hosepipe has been purchased. The need for weeding was discussed. Volunteers are needed for watering rota.

Action Woodchips to be spread round trees and PT to ask MM if he can weed.

Action: SP to ask Guy Belcher for tree suggestion for next years planting

e) Courtyards R.A. proposal for gate & path improvements

Improvements to the gate & path have been requested by Courtyards Residents Association. The PC thanked them for the suggestions. They will be considered by the Wale Rec. sub committee.as part of the Wale improvement plans.

An incidence of wild camping on the Wale has been reported. No harm done.

12.       Village matters

a) Councillors village walk

Nothing new or of note to report. 

b) PC & SCOWP Platinum Jubilee Celebration plans

SCOWP plans a formal opening ceremony and planting of the platinum jubilee tree with plaque on June 2nd. An SCDC Jubilee grant will be applied for fund the tree & plaque.

DJ reported there is a Jubilee committee of 9 members of the community and that other volunteers would be needed at the events. He has applied for the closure of Church Street for a party. Details of all the Jubilee celebrations will be announced at the Annual Village Meeting.

c) Wild flowers on verges

Plans for introducing wild flowers on sections of 3 verges were circulated. Guy Belcher has visited the verges & given constructive feedback.  It was proposed that grass & weeds be cut in April and seeds sown over a few weeks. Areas to be left uncut and raked in January. The PC support the initiative.

Action: Clerk to liaise with DM and ensure appropriate risk assessment carried out and hi-viz jackets are provided for volunteers.

d) Arrangements for Annual Village Meeting, 7th April

SP to chair the meeting. Hustings to be arranged prior to meeting. Neil Ruffles to be guest speaker CK to speak regarding Ukrainian refugees. Action: Clerk to invite candidates, circulate agenda and arrange refreshments.

13.       Clerks correspondence

a) Parish Council elections – arrangements for hand delivery of nomination forms 

b) Trumpington Residents Association report regarding the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and the Local Plan. 

c) Proposal for bicycle rack on Church St – see item 7a

d) SCDC Lines & signs audit – RS to address

14.       Any other business for next agenda

Cllr DJ reported the SSYI Big Breakfast has been cancelled.  

The meeting ended 10:10 pm

Next Parish Council Meeting:   16th May 2022


Present: Andrew Hawthorn (Chair), Sarah Penn, David Jones, Richard Patterson, Robin Skinner, Ken Turner, Peter Fane (SCDC Cllr), Brian Milne (CCC Cllr). Brie Lury attended remotely

Parish Clerk: Penny Tanna           . Members of the public: 0

1.         Apologies

Cllr Nick Sample. Maria King

2.         To resolve the minutes of the meeting held on 22nd November 21

(circulated to members)to be signed as a correct record.  

Minute:  Agreed by all as a correct record, signed & dated by the Chair.

3.         Matters arising: none

4.         To receive declarations of interest

Cllr DJ declared a pecuniary interest in the Cricket Club grant application

Public Session: none

5.         To receive District Councillor’s Report & County Councillor’s report:

District Council Report circulated.

Cllr PF congratulated all involved in producing the Village Design Guide (VDG). The VDG is to be adopted by South Cambs. It will become a Supplementary Planning Document, The adoption of the Guide is subject to the Council’s usual decision call-in processes.

He gave an update as to the grants available to councils and community groups, There are two new grants available to businesses through the OHLGS (Omicron Hospitality & Leisure Grant Scheme) and from new ARG (Additional restrictions Grant) money. Application forms will be available shortly and must be submitted by 28th February.

County Council Report circulated.

It highlighted the Cambridgeshire flood risk management strategy consultation; The Household Support Fund with the criteria and a simple application form available on their website.

Cllr BM discussed road repairs and plans to make the process more efficient.  He was unable to update the PC as to when the repairs to the High Street will take place.

6.         Roads, Traffic and Police Report

a) Report on Church St speed data – RS/RP  

The report concluded there were significant numbers of incidents of speeding only on the route coming in to High Street from Whittlesford Road, with 24% going above 35mph.  Newton Rd did not show the same pattern of speeding as in previous data.  There was just 1 day of data collected for Church St but this showed only 1 car out of a total of 917 going over 35mph. More data is to be collected for a fuller picture. It was agreed that further consultation with the public would be required before proceeding with the ’20 is plenty’ or other measures to address speed issues.

Action: RP to collect further data & prepare a proposal for March meeting.

b) Update on High St repairs

AH expressed his disappointment at the continued postponement of the repairs, stating delays of over a year are unacceptable.  Cllr BM apologised and will look in to the matter again.

c) Lack of light on the Terrace

SP contacted the owner and solutions are being considered. The clerk was unable to report the uneven pavement online. Action: Clerk to investigate who is responsible for the pavement & for replacement of the ‘no cyclist’ sign.

7.         Planning Report

a) Parish Liaison meeting report & update on seeking LGS status for Camping Close.

BL & PT attended the 4th quarterly Parish meeting with Greater Cambridge Shared Planning and asked a question about the level of protection afforded to the PVAA status of land next to 26 Church Street. There is a planning application for this site currently under review. The case officer Karen Pell-Coggins said she believed the application will be rejected but there has been no formal response yet.

Applications for new Local Green Spaces form part of the Local Plan Consultation but the consultation has closed. Action:  BL to speak to the Consultation team & check if public access via a permissive path would be advantageous. Clerk to report on Permissive path process.  

b) Recent applications:

21/05600/HFUL – 12 Hauxton Rd – resubmission for single storey side & rear extensions & 2 storey rear extension – BL reported no new elevations have been uploaded, addressing the previous objection. If unchanged she recommends resubmitting the objection regarding the windows.

21/05585 – 46 Hauxton Rd – single storey front extension for garage & carport, single storey rear extension – no comment

21/05343 & 05344/FUL – 63 High St – Retrospective application – retention of upgraded kitchen extract & roof. Installation of new screening around kitchen extract plant – no objection

22/0017/TTCA – 9 Newton Rd – Fell Maple & Eucalyptus. Prune Apple, Plum & Hazel tree

21/1734/TTCA – 19 High St – Reduce height & spread of 4 Cypress by 2m & 3m. Reduce crown of Sycamore. Remove stem from Poplar.

21/1675/TTCA – 4A Church St – Fell Elm tree, Reduce crown on 2 Robinia, reduce height of Leylendii, Hazel & Thuja trees

For information only

21/1550/TTCA – 13 High St – emergency felling of dead Willow

21/00899/HFUL & 21/00900/LBC – 93 High St- application refused

8.         Village Design Guide adoption update  

The Village Design Guide has been adopted effective from 1st January.  It is available to download in pdf format from the Planning website.

AH suggested a presentation to the public at the Annual Village Meeting to present the guide and discuss future plans for the village. Action: AH to discuss with NR

DJ proposed printing a number of bound copies (20-30) for reference and to sell.

Minute: Members approved expenditure up to £200. Quotes to be circulated via email. Clerk & DJ to action.

Minute: Councillors thanked all the team involved in creating the guide including Neil Ruffles, Collette Patterson as well as the kind volunteer from Gt Shelford who typeset the final document for free. They congratulated them on a superb document. Cllrs agreed a token of appreciation should be given to each. They also thanked S.Cambs DC Planning Dept and Cllr Tumi Hawkins for all their help.

9.         Accounts (documents circulated prior to meeting)

a) 2022/23 budget and setting of precept

AH reported the council have no projects with planned expenditure in the coming financial year. The normal running costs are expected to be covered without an increase in the precept. The general reserves are lower than the set target and will be addressed over a few years with some restructuring. Grants can be sought if new projects arise. AH recommended maintaining the precept at £30600. DJ proposed adopting the budget, RP seconded

Minute: Members unanimously approved the budget and setting the precept at £30600

b) Consider donations/grant requests

AH noted £500 unallocated from 21-22 budget. Decision to be postponed to March meeting

c) To receive account balances & authorise payments in accordance with the RFOs report

Payments to be presented for approval           Amount

MM - village maintenance & Litter picker             337.99

SCOWP - magnetic blackboard for sign                 35.00

S.Sparrow - Scowp sign                                      1308.00

Shelford Tree Service - tree planting                     780.00

S.Bennet Landscapes - tree planting sundries      154.30

SCDC - VDG screening                                       1299.60

MD - tree stakes                                                     183.42

SSE - Pbox/streetlamp Jan bills                               73.49

PT/Ashridge Nurseries -UTCF tree orders              857.03

HMRC Paye Q3                                                      164.40

Total                                                                   £5,193.23

Expenditure made prior to approval                 Amount

PT / Cambridge Water - allotments                       40.21

Deepdale Trees - UTFC Scowp tree purchase    467.48

NO - allotment clearance with power scythe        120.00

SSE - Pbox/streetlamp Dec bills                             11.44

Total                                                                     £639.13

Resolved:  the account balances were receive & payments list duly authorised.

d) Clerks request to pay ICO Data Protection fee by direct debit.

Minute: Cllrs approve direct debit payment for ICO. AH & DJ sign the mandate form at the meeting.

10.       Allotments & SCOWP update:

a) SCOWP report

The new information sign has been erected. Action: Clerk to purchase £35 Chalkboard with Scowp funds. All 12 UTCF and some of the ZC trees were planted before Christmas. A rota of watering has been set up and maintained.

SCOWP proposed an opening ceremony sometime in the Spring to coincide with the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.  Action: SCOWP to coordinate event date & details with PC.

b) Allotments update

Some plots were cleared with the power scythe. Both have now been rented. There are no LS residents on the waiting list. DJ to arrange next allotment Zoom meeting in March.

11. Matters relating to the Pavilion & Wale Recreation Ground

a) Update on grass cutting contractor - Clerk still awaiting quotes.

b) Playground surface report - Clerk awaiting quote from contractor.

c) 24 hour closure of Courtyards access

Minute:  In order to preserve and protect the Parish Councils rights over the Wale Recreation ground, foot access from Courtyards must be prevented for one day each year. Cllr DJ confirmed this was complied with.  He locked the access gate from Courtyards from midnight on 24th December 2021 until midnight on 25th December 2021.

d) Approval of tree works as per tree survey

PT conducted a visual inspection of Wale trees using OMC 2021 survey & list of recommended works on 15.1.22.  A large Western Balsam Poplar tree close to the river path & playground was of  concern with deadwood & some decay at pollarding points. Two smaller trees close by have dead branches overhanging the path. A contractor quoted £1000. Clerk recommends carrying work out soon while leaf cover is minimal and there are fewer members of public.

Minute: Cllrs approve tree works be carried out at cost of £1000

Clerk notes a number of trees along the river bank need attention. Action clerk to seek 2 quotes for work detailed in report.

Five new trees on the Wale need hydration bags & regularly watering according to the UTCF grant stipulations.  Action: SP & PT to arrange schedule of volunteers & purchase bags, watering equipment.

12.       Village matters

a) Councillors village walk

Cllrs RP & BL presented report. Potholes have been noted & reported online. The Phone box door is not closing properly & books are getting wet. Action: Clerk to report Moor Close overgrown verge to Housing associating. To get signage cleared and replaced where relevant.  Clerk & chair to instigate repair of phone box.

Concern was raised regarding cars parking on the pavement on Newton Rd causing obstruction to pedestrians, pushchairs and those with mobility scooters.

Minute: Council to raise awareness of problem and request cars to park considerately.

b) Digital Champion

SCDC have request this to allow rapid spread of urgent information. Clerk to refer them to David Martin. 

AH reported the littleshelford.com domain previously held by DM is to expire. The website contains historic files that need to be publicly available to meet the Transparency rules. Time is needed to transfer files to new website or for alternative arrangements to be made.

Minute: Members approved retention of domain for one year at cost of up to £60.

c) Wild flowers on verges

- A resident would like to increase wildflowers in verges

He suggests sewing a small verge in Spring. He is looking for fellow volunteers to take initiative forward.  Persons interested in helping please contact the clerk. 

Councillors are supportive of the proposal but require full details such as location and method.  Clerk reports the SCDC Ecology officer is happy to give advice & has offered a Zoom meeting.

- Proposes the PC adopt ‘No Mow May’ for verges.

Councillors support this proposal.  Action: Clerk to check if any negative impact before instigating.

d) Arrangements for 5th February Spring clean of Bradmere Lane

Village residents are forming a work party to clear Bradmere Lane area. Volunteers should contact DJ for details.  A resident, CK, has requested a contribution towards the cost of materials needed for fixing a large pot hole at the entrance.

Minute: Councillors approve contribution of up to £180.

Bradmere Lane is a widely used village amenity, as such the PC supports village residents who put a working party together to maintain it, including filling potholes. However this this does not constitute in any way a claim of ownership or responsibility for the land and therefore the Parish Council would not accept any liability for either the cleaning up or repair activities and any subsequent issues arising.

e) Ideas for Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations from 2nd to 5th June

Ideas discussed such as flag pole, street party. A marquee on Wale may be available. It was noted that 12 weeks notice is required when closing roads for Street parties.  Action: DJ to liaise with Entertainments Committee & Scowp.

e) Other

The Annual village clean up is scheduled for Sunday 6th March at 2pm. 

A 'Meet the Councillors' event is to be held on Sunday 6th March at 5pm in the Village Hall

Action: DJ/Clerk to publicise events, book hall and litter picking equipment. Refreshments to be provided as in previous years.

13.       Clerks correspondence

a) Parish Council elections scheduled for 5th May.

Clerk outlined dates & nomination process for councillors. The council is short of 2 councillor and needs to recruit new ones. She suggested raising awareness of the councillor’s role at the Meet the Councillor event.

b) Cambridgeshire flood risk management strategy consultation

The consultation is officially due to end on 23rd January.

Other correspondence

- Cambridgeshire County Day nomination

- Planning invitation – on Feb 10th 6pm Zoom overview of how it considers drainage matters, as part of the planning decision making process.

- Two free online Volunteer Fairs held by CCVS – from 1-2pm on both 25 January and 1 February. 

- SCDC ‘Keep Well in Winter’ booklets available for distribution

14.       Any other business for next agenda

Cllr AH requested councillors consider initiatives for the coming year so an action plan can be formed in conjunction with public feedback at the Annual Village Meeting. .

The meeting ended 9:35 pm

Next Parish Council Meeting:   21st March 2022


Present: Andrew Hawthorn (Chair), Sarah Penn, Brie Lury, David Jones, Richard Patterson, Robin Skinner. Nick Sample (SCDC Cllr)

Parish Clerk: Penny Tanna          Members of the public: 1

1.       Apologies

Ken Turner – apology received and accepted.  SCDC Cllr Peter Fane.

2.       To resolve the minutes of the meeting held on 20th September

(circulated to members) be signed as a correct record.  

Minute:  Agreed by all as a correct record, signed & dated by the Chair.

3.       Matters arising: none

4.       To receive declarations of interest

Cllrs DJ & BL have non-pecuniary interest in planning application 21/1506/TTCA

Public Session:

A resident, representing the Bowls club, thanked the Parish Council for their support with their application for a Community Chest grant. The club’s application was successful and has since levelled 4 rinks with the funds. A recent bequest has also allowed them to replace the gate.

5.       To receive District Councillor’s Report & County Councillor’s report:

District Council Report circulated. Cllr Sample covered the following points:

The consultation period on the ‘first proposals’ stage in the development of the Local Plan began on November 1st and runs until 5pm on December 13th. A drop-in event is being held on 27th November at Great Shelford Farmers Market.

Criteria for Community Chest grants are to be relaxed for Parish Councils for certain purposes such as Neighbourhood Plans and Biodiversity.

County Council Report circulated.

It detailed measures being taken to tackle Covid now Cambridgeshire is an Enhanced Response Area; Applications for 20mph speed limits are to be made more straightforward; The opening of the new SSYI venue was highlighted.

6.       Roads, Traffic and Police Report

Clerk noted Police Commissioners virtual roundtable invitation for 14th Dec. received & circulated.

a) Report on Church St speed data.

Data is being collected from 4 streets. RP will report at the January meeting

 b) Update on High St repairs

The date for resurfacing of the High St has not been confirmed but should be at some point after 13.12.2021. Action: AH to check if residents will be informed prior to works

c) Network Rail level crossing report request

No update. Action: DJ to request report.

d) Lack of light on the Terrace

A resident has raised concerns about the darkness of the Terrace where the street lamp has been removed. This is a hazard as the pavement is very uneven. The PC agreed it is a hazard and will seek a solution with the landowner.

Minute: SP to approach the land owner.  Clerk to report the uneven path to Highways Dept.

e) Courtyards pavement complaint

A resident of Courtyards has tripped on the rough pavement. The Residents Association has reported this several times over the last 3 years but no action has been taken by the Highways Dept. Cllrs suggested they approach Cllr Brian Milne directly with their concerns.

Clerk reported that approval has been given for a dropped kerb at the Countyards junction but will not be installed until the Highways Dept budget allows.

7.       Planning Report

a) Update on seeking LGS status for Camping Close

BL outlined the background of the current designation as a Protected Village Amenity Area (PVAA). It had been proposed as a Local Green Space (LGS) in 2018 but was reduced to a PVAA by the Planning inspectors as it did not meet the criteria for an LGS.  Lack of public access may have been a factor. After discussion it was agreed the timeline and landowner is needed before any further action. Actions: Clerk to seek guidance on the process and timeline.

b) Infrastructure workshop report.

RS attended the workshop. The workshop listed the many diverse projects in the region linked with planning applications and consultations. The number was too great for a small council to respond to all, therefore it would be best to concentrate on those affecting South Cambridgeshire and the local area. It was noted the public should be encouraged to respond aswell.

Minute: The Parish Council will concentrate on responding to relevant projects. The public should be encouraged to take part in the consultation process. 

c) Great Cambridge Local Plan First Proposals consultation  

Response is required by 13th December. Discussion followed regarding schools and green belt implications.

Minute; Members support the District Councillors view regarding the Mingle Lane site in Gt Shelford and protection of green belt.  Action: RS to respond to consultation on behalf of the council

d) Recent applications:

21/04548/HFUL - 12 Hauxton Rd - Single storey side extension, two storey side/rear extensions.

Objection submitted on basis of neighbours loss of privacy.

21/1464/TTCA - Cintra Lodge14 Church St – Fell Cedar; Gleditsia reduce 1.5m & shorten laterals; Liquidamber reduce 2m & shorten laterals.  Tree officer to visit. – no comment

21/1256/TTCA  – 30 High St – Cherry Tree - Reduce crown 2.5m – no comment

For information only

21/04104/HFUL – 38 Hauxton Rd - Single storey front extension - approved

S/2315/17/CONDA - 95 High St – Submission of drawings of all windows & doors 

S/2314/17/CONDA – 95 High St – Submission of details of exterior materials

21/1506/TTCA  – 73 High St - Tree of Heaven – Remove deadwood & 3 branches over hanging next door  - minor/ information only

21/03204/CONDA - Annexe 42 Hauxton Rd – submission of Arboricultural Method Statement & Tree Protection Strategy.

8.       Village Design Guide adoption update  

The final consultation period has ended. The District Council will now consider the key issues raised and any changes needed to the draft SPD where appropriate prior to adoption.

9.       Accounts (documents circulated prior to meeting)

a) To receive account balances & authorise payments in accordance with the RFOs report

Payments to be presented for approval        Amount

MM - village maintenance                               360.00

NPH - scythe hire                                            242.00

ACRE membership renewal (if approved)        57.00

Ashridge Nurseries - order  trees/hedging      475.46

HMRC Paye Q3                                               164.20

Total                                                            £1,298.66

Expenditure made prior to approval               Amount

HMRC Paye Q2                                               164.20

SSE - Streetlamps  (2 months)                          13.22

SSE - phone box (2 months)                               9.82

HCGM - Wale cut                                            120.00

SGS - Secure storage chest                            323.99

NO - Tap/Orchard cut                                         58.20

Total                                                            £1,156.91

Resolved:  the account balances were receive & payments list duly authorised.

b) Preliminary discussion of items for 2022-23 budget.

Discussion regarding possible projects that need to be accounted for in the budget for the coming year eg Local Highway bids, email provision, Queen’s celebrations. Cllrs to email suggestions with costings to the clerk.  Each year the PC budgets an amount to be awarded as grants to local community groups. Budget allocation for 2022-23 will be decided at the January meeting.  Action: Clerk to invite applications for grants via emails, notice board and website. Applications to be received by 7th January

c) Review and adoption of updated Financial Regulations (FR)

PT presented the FR which are based on model regulations provided by NALC. It encompasses online banking payments and the clerks use of a debit card. PT noted with the increased use of online suppliers who do not accept cheque payments, a card is now becoming essential.

Resolved:  Council approved adoption of the new Financial Regulations. Members approved the provision of a debit card or similar with £500 limit for the clerks use. Transactions would require email confirmation from 2 cllrs and be reported in the same way as other payments at meetings.  

d) Consideration of the need for online banking

Research still ongoing.

e) Proposed renewal of Cambridge Acre membership @ £57

The fee has not increased. The village hall still advertised on the Acre website.

Resolved: Members approved the renewal of ACRE membership.

f) Expiry of energy contract

Electricity now charged at Variable Business Rate. Action: Clerk to seek new quotes

10.     Allotments & SCOWP update:

a) SCOWP update

Urban Tree Challenge Fund grant application has been successful.

-  Approval of purchase of 12 trees & hire of power scythe for UTCF project

7 trees for Blennies Patch & 5 trees for the Wale are needed for 1st year of project at projected cost of £1622. The scythe is for volunteers to clear the ground. A risk assessment for the ground clearance is to be done.  AH visited the Wale to approve tree type (3 Hornbeam & 2 Wild Service) and suitable sites.

Minute: Members approve the purchase of trees. Clerk to proceed with purchases in co-ordination with AH & MD. Trees to be purchased without going to tender as the assigned contractor has given his expertise to Scowp since it’s inception and assisted with the application process without charge.

- Approval of information sign @ cost of £1090

SCOWP have proposed erection of large information sign with eaves and no seating similar to ones at Wandlebury. Concerns were raised as to the dimensions. 

Minute: Members approved the sign in principal. Action the design & dimensions are to be provided prior to consent being granted.

b) Allotments update

The large corner plot is to be viewed by 2 potential tenants. There are concerns about junk on paddock & vacant plots.  DJ suggested including clearance within the February Spring clean.

- Report on Allotment holders meeting

The new bin & tap are appreciated. Clearance of some plots is needed. It was suggested that the scythe could be used by tenants or a handyman for this.  Clerk to contact tenants & liaise with NO.

11. Matters relating to the Pavilion & Wale Recreation Ground

a) Update on grass cutting contractor

Clerk has requested quotes from 3 contractors based on the specification agreed at previous meeting. Quotes will be presented in January.

b) Playground surface report

PT reported the ground in front & behind the tunnel has no grass & exposed grass matting. The grass on the mound is worn. The mound near the slide is slipping. Reseeding has not been effective. HAGS representative inspected the site. He recommended using the same type of rubber mulch already there and extending it over the mound and in the bare area in front.  He will quote for this and a second quote for a larger area which will include up to the boat which is very uneven/unsightly.

Whilst the he noted the large multi-unit has one crack in an upper timber on the screw line. It does not pose a risk but may be replaceable under warranty. Also the lacquer is being eaten by wasps and will need recoating in 2 years time.

Chicken wire has been found semi-buried along the gravel track fence line. It has been removed in places. The track will be monitored for further wire.

12.     Village matters

a) Councillors village walk

Postponed. Cllrs RP & BL to conduct one before the next meeting

Blue green algae in the Bradmere pond has been reported to Environment Agency & a sign posted warning of the risk to people and pets

b) Nomination of the Navigator as an Asset of Community Value (ACV)

BL circulated the draft application form for approval.

Minute: Members approve the application. Clerk to submit the application

13.     Clerks correspondence

a) Proposed meeting dates for 2022

Dates were circulated & approved subject to acceptance by All Saints Church

b) Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations

CCC has emailed details of celebration schemes including Queens Canopy & Beacons.

Action: Suggestions to be brought to the next meeting.  

c) Parish/Cabinet Liaison Meeting 29th Nov. – AH to attend

d) Consultations circulated

Making Connections consultation closes on 20 December – Action: RS to respond

Cambridge Eastern Access consultation closes on 22 December

Greater Cambridge Partnership Community Forum meetings

Stansted Future Airspace informal consultation

Fulbourn Neighbourhood Plan public consultation

All available for public comment.

14.     Any other business for next agenda

DJ – A small bag of small badges has been found on the High St. Please contact the PC if you are the owner.

The meeting ended 9:36 pm

Next Parish Council Meeting:   17th January 2022 – To be confirmed



Signed _______________________________  Date _________________________

Chair, Little Shelford Parish Council      


Little Shelford Parish Council minutes

Little Shelford Parish Council


Present: Andrew Hawthorn (Chair), Sarah Penn, Brie Lury, David Jones, Richard Patterson, Ken Turner, Robin Skinner. Peter Fane (SCDC Cllr) Brian Milne (CCC Cllr)

Parish Clerk: Penny Tanna          Members of the public: 3

1.       Apologies

Maria King, Nick Sample.

2.       To resolve the minutes of the meeting held on 19th July

(circulated to members) be signed as a correct record.  

Minute:  Agreed by all as a correct record, signed & dated by the Chair.

3.       Matters arising: none

4.       To receive declarations of interest - none

Public Session:

A resident, representing the Bowls club, requested that the Parish Council support their application for a community chest grant with a letter to SCDC. It is needed to improve the bowls green. The PC and Cllr Fane are happy to support the application.

Two members of the public raised concerns regarding planning application 21/03829/FUL on land adjacent to 26 Church St.

5.       To receive District Councillor’s Report & County Councillor’s report:

District Council Report circulated. Cllr Fane covered the following points:

The Local Plan preferred options stage has been published by the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service (GCSPS). Public consultation will run from 1.11.21 to 31.12.21.

Discussion followed on the protection offered by Protected Village Amenity Areas (PVAA) and specifically to Camping Close. The PC could apply for it to be upgraded to a Local Green Space but should clarify why this status was previously refused prior to applying. Cllr Fane would support the PC if they wished to do this. Action: BL & Clerk to check records & report to cllrs

County Council Report circulated. Cllr Milne covered the following points:

Access to drop-in vaccinations & rapid testing centres. CO2 monitors are to be installed in schools to ensure appropriate ventilation levels. 

As part of its Community Flood Action Programme, CCC is updating its riparian guidance document. It will be sending surveys to all those living next to a watercourse.

6.       Roads, Traffic and Police Report

No police report.

a) Traffic calming/Speed limit survey at the Fun Weekend

An informal survey was held at the weekend asking for feedback on the ’20 is plenty’ scheme suggesting 20mph limit on Church Street. There were 11 responses all of which were in support but 3 said it would need enforcement. Discussion of benefits and drawbacks of lower speed limits and chicanes followed with no consensus reached. More current data is needed as Covid measures have changed traffic patterns.

Minute: Speed issue to be on the November meeting agenda. Action: RP/RS to move the Mobile Speed Sign to Church St. and it’s data to be presented at the meeting.


b) M11 noise actions update

AH reported one landowner had refused to have trees planted on their land.  Highways England have visited the site but no report has been received as yet. 

c) Update on High St repairs

No dates for the work have been received. Action: Cllr BM to chase.

d) Network Rail level crossing report request – report not updated yet.

Action: DJ to request report.

e) Request for dropped kerbs for mobility scooter access

LHO John O’Brien is looking at the sites requested by Courtyards Residents.  Sites are - across Whittlesford Rd near the entrance of Courtyards.  - Within the Courtyards estate - Possibly one on Church St.

f) GSPC request to jointly investigate opening a path to link Gt & Lt Shelford 

Cllrs AH & BL will act as liaison. Action: Clerk to forward details to all parties.

7.       Planning Report

a) Cllr Bridget Smith invitation to an Infrastructure workshop

to assist with understanding transport & large development consultations (4th & 11th Oct)

Action: Cllr RS to attend the workshop & report at November meeting

b) Great Cambridge Local Plan – draft First Proposals published

Four sites on green belt will be put forward for the new Local Plan – Cambridge Biomedical Campus and Babraham. The other two are housing allocations in Oakington & 100 homes in Great Shelford behind MIngle Lane.

c) Recent applications:

21/03829/FUL - Land Adjacent to 26 Church St - Erection of a dwelling with associated highway access – consultation ends 1.10.21. 

The Site is on a PVAA, it forms part of the setting of church and is the last view of Camping Close on Church St.  Action: LSPC to submit an objection.

21/01166/CONDA – 3 Church St – Submission of Arboricultural statement as per conditions of application – for information only

21/03565/CL2PD – 52 Whittlesford Rd - Certificate of lawfulness under Section 192 for a proposed single storey rear extension – for information only

21/03204/HFUL - Annexe 42 Hauxton Rd - Extension to annexe to form garage & 1st floor storage area – Granted permission

21/1050/TTCA – 42 High St – Trim low hanging branches of Walnut & Maple trees – no objection

21/1005/TTCA – Cintra Lodge 14 Church St – Remove 5 trees for cart lodge build – for information only

8.       Village Design Guide adoption update  

The draft Little Shelford Village Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document will be published on 27th September for public consultation (Regulation13 public consultation in accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012).

 A four-week statutory consultation period will run until 5pm, 25th October 2021.

The draft SPD and other relevant supporting documents will able to be viewed online via the South Cambridgeshire District Council website. https://www.scambs.gov.uk/villagedesign

Minute: Consultation to be publicised on the village website, noticeboards & the library.       



9.       Accounts (documents circulated prior to meeting)

John Huntingdon Charity hardship fund review - In April 2020 the PC donated £2000 for the establishment of a hardship fund for Little Shelford residents, to be administered by John Huntingdon Charity. It was widely advertised at the time and in excess of £1500 of private funds was also donated.  To date, only £676 has been allocated and none for over a year. Discussion followed as to what to do with the remainder of the fund.

Minute: Members agreed to leave the hardship fund as is and re-advertise the availability of the fund locally and to reassess next September.

a) To receive account balances and authorise payments in accordance with the RFOs report

Payments to be presented for approval             Amount

MM - village maintenance                                    360.00

PKF Littlejohn - annual return audit                     240.00

SCOWP - mower repair                                       138.00

Wildlife Group donation- approved Jan21           500.00

SSYI donation - approved Jan21                         500.00

Minuteman Press - allotment signs                      114.00

Menor - VDG display for Fun weekend                393.60

Menor - Scowp display for fun weekend              192.00

Total                                                                £2,904.88

Expenditure made prior to approval                    Amount

HCGM -grass cutting verges/rec                          516.00

PT/Scowp - Tree bags/fruit trees                          110.80

NM - Allotment deposit refund                               70.00

Total                                                                   £696.80

Resolved:  the account balances were receive & payments list duly authorised.

b) Bank reconciliation to 30th June and budget update presented for approval

PT reported that spending was mostly within budget. Donations have exceeded the budget of £2500 by £1000 owing to a contribution to Cambridge Approaches. 

Resolved:  Council approved the bank reconciliation & budget update.

c) Decision on renewal of PC General insurance policy and Pavilion building insurance policy

PT reported the current insurance brokers renewal cost is £892.48, an increase of £40.

3 alternative quotes were sort but only Zurich responded with a quote of £1233. The clerk recommends renewing with the current insurer as they have been proactive with useful advice, information & webinars during the pandemic.

Resolved:  Council approved renewal of insurance with current provider

d) Consideration of the need for online banking

Action: Clerk/AH to report options at the November meeting along with proposal for updated Financial Regulations.

10.     Allotments & SCOWP update:

a) SCOWP update

A metal storage box to securely store watering equipment is to be purchased at cost of £270. Action: Clerk to purchase chest using SCOWP reserves.


- Urban Tree Challenge Fund grant

The application has been submitted, awaiting outcome.

-  SCDC - Six free Trees scheme

SCOWP have requested that LSPC apply for the scheme with the choice of a single larger tree rather than 6 small trees. Action: Clerk to submit application

b) Allotments update

The dual bin has been installed at the agreed site. PT reports one small plot has been relinquished and the tenant of an untended plot is to be contacted.

-  Tenancy rent invoices to be sent – Clerk to action.

Minute: Members agree rents should be reviewed prior to renewal in October 2022

- Legal advice regarding private gates with direct access to allotments / paddocks

PT has legal advice from Capalc. It recommends writing to acknowledge the tenant has access by continuing permission of the PC only, thereby preventing them from acquiring any legal right. Action: Clerk/DJ to write to relevant tenants.

- Decision required regarding amount of rent to charge for paddock.

After some discussion of the size alteration, the rent amount was reduced to £200 pa. Action: Clerk to inform the tenant.

- Complaint regarding the public moving chairs from an allotment by the orchard.

Complaint was noted.

11. Matters relating to the Pavilion & Wale Recreation Ground

A member of the public reported dog waste is being left on the Wale & requested more signage & possibly a bin at the Courtyards entrance. Action: Clerk to check if SCDC would service a bin at the Courtyards entrance & report at the next meeting.

a) Vehicle access safety update – SP

The Road Safety officer & Highways Officer visited the Wale entrance. They made the following observations:

- There are advanced playground signs on both approaches to the recreation ground entrance.

- "SLOW" is painted on the road on both approaches to the recreation ground entrance.

- Vegetation growing against the wall impedes visibility of vehicles approaching from Gt Shelford.

- The visibility of vehicles approaching from Little Shelford is good.

PT reported the vegetation has now been cut back.  

b) Need for a new ground works contractor

The new contract requirements were discussed with Cllrs requesting nettle areas be specified for regular strimming. Action: Clerk to update cutting needs & circulate before seeking quotes.

c) Picnic table – no report

DJ noted a license agreement for the Strikers Football club is being drafted to formalise usage of the Wale pitches.

12.     Village matters

Cllrs gave thanks to Ian Beaton and the Lt Shelford Entertainments Committee for a very successful and enjoyable Fun Weekend

BL noted The Terrace was very dark as a street lamp has been removed. SP noted the lamp was removed at the request of the landowner & the PC was unable to prevent this. It was hoped a security lamp would be installed to assist pedestrians. Low lighting bollards were suggested as an alternative option. Action: SP to discuss possible solutions with the land owner.


a) Councillors village walk (AH& RS)

The verges in Moor Close are very overgrown. Action: Clerk to contact Housing Association.

The mound in the playground is bare of grass as it much of the surface matting owing to high usage. Action: Clerk to consult with contractor for possible solutions.

b) Consideration whether to nominate the Navigator an Asset of Community Value (ACV)

Minute: Members agree to nominate the Navigator. Action: BL & DJ to consult with the Navigator and submit the application.

c) Consideration of the need for a Flood Plan

After discussion it was agreed the clerk & KT would attempt a plan based on the templates provided by SCDC.

d) Applying for Protected Village Amenity Area or LGS status

for Blennies Patch and possibly Camping Close. – see Agenda item 5. BL & DJ to action.

e) Consideration of a village ground source heat pump.

Action: BL & Clerk to research feasibility.

13.     Clerks correspondence

a) Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Minerals and Waste Local Plan has been adopted

b) Clerk undertaking a Cilca qualification

Clerk requested support with an extra hour /week for study starting in April 22 Cllrs suggested paying the qualification costs instead. Action: Arrangements to be discussed at annual appraisal.

c) Bowls club request for support on Grant application - Agreed

14.     Any other business for next agenda

DJ – The SSYI Big Breakfast will be held on 2nd October

DJ – Proposal for a Meet the Parish Council event

The meeting ended 10:20pm

Next Parish Council Meeting:   Monday 22nd November 2021



Signed _______________________________  Date _________________________

Chair, Little Shelford Parish Council      












Little Shelford Parish Council


Present: Sarah Penn (Vice chair), Brie Lury, David Jones, Richard Patterson, Ken Turner. Peter Fane (SCDC Cllr) Brian Milne (CCC Cllr)

Parish Clerk: Penny Tanna          Members of the public: 2

1.       Apologies

Andrew Hawthorn (approved by members), Nick Sample.

2.       To resolve the minutes of the meeting held on 5th May

(circulated to members) be signed as a correct record.  

Minute:  Agreed by all as a correct record, signed & dated by the Chair.

3.       Matters arising: none

4.       Co-option of new councillor

SP reported Jenny Moon has retired from the Parish Council owing to family commitments.  The Chair thanked Jenny for her input and the contribution she has made. The clerk notified the monitoring officer and carried out casual vacancy procedures. Following the vacancy notice posted in May the PC received one applicant, Robin Skinner. Cllr DJ nominated Robin as new councillor. All members unanimously agree to his co-option.

Minute: Robin Skinner has been co-opted. The members welcomed him to the council. Action: Clerk to arrange for his signing of the declaration of acceptance of office within 7 days and notify the monitoring officer.

5.       To receive declarations of interest

Non-material interest - Cllrs DJ & BL, members of LS Entertainments Committee.

Public Session:

A resident strongly objected to what he saw as the politicisation of the Fun Weekend by inviting the local MP, Anthony Brown, to open the event. He felt it was inappropriate for a family event and portrayed Lt Shelford as endorsing the Conservative party. He asked for an undertaking that it would not happen at future events.

The Chair noted this was a matter for Lt Shelford Entertainments Committee (LSEC).  DJ spoke on behalf of LSEC, stating that the two District cllrs, both Liberal Democrats, had been invited for balance. He reported that the objections had been taken on board and there would be careful discussion before any similar decisions at future events. 

6.       To receive District Councillor’s report:

Report circulated. Cllr Fane covered the following points:

The Cambridge Biomedical Campus Vision for 2050 makes it clear they will need to use green belt for the size of community planned.

The LS Village Design Guide is due to be considered by Cabinet on 1st Sept with a view to taking it through the necessary processes to become a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

A Community Safety Partnership Toolkit is available. It provides guidance, training and other tools to support residents’ activities, building on the work that volunteer groups did during the pandemic. The issues covered in the toolkit include connecting people, tackling speeding, preventing antisocial behaviour and helping vulnerable neighbours to avoid scams.


Discussion followed on protection of local green spaces. Action: LSPC to look at applying for Protected Village Amenity Area or LGS status for Blennies Patch and again possibly for Campkin Close.

7.       To receive County Councillor’s report:

Written report to follow.  SP welcomed C.Cllr Brian Milne.

BM spoke of problems with inefficient & poor road repair practises in the past. The Highways Improvement Board is now set up and they are seeking to improve responsiveness. Cllrs asked if this would further delay the road repairs that were planned for the village.  It may do, but BM is happy to intervene if necessary. Action: Background information to be provided to BM by Clerk/AH.


8.       Planning Report

a) CCC/20/040/FUL – Proposed Travel Hub

on land to N/NW of Hauxton Rd/M11  – to be considered at Planning Committee on 29th July.  PC invited as consultee.  No comment was submitted.

b) Dernford Farm Reservoir proposal from Russell Smith Farms.

This was discussed but as no formal application has been made no comment was made.

c) Recent applications:

21/02504/S73 – 29 Church St – application to vary condition 1 of 20/02221/FUL erection of new dwelling to allow additional 1st floor side extension

Objection to be submitted based on scale and density and the setting of the property within the conservation area.

21/01116/HFUL – 95 High St –  Erection of a 2m fence to rear boundary & a 1m fence/gate to the front boundary.  LSPC submitted an objection & application has been withdrawn.

21/01216/HFUL Amendment – 14 Church St – Erection of new cart lodge, removal of wall and associated works – dwarf wall moved off Highway land. It was noted a tree would be removed but is not shown on the application form.

21/0850/TTCA – 16A Whittlesford Rd - Fell dying Silver Birch – no comment

21/0851/TTCA – 10 Whittlesford Rd – Fell overgrown Elder – no comment

21/01594/HFUL – 20 Beech Close – Single rear extension – Permission granted

Cllr BL reported concerns had been raised regarding a plot of land at 26 Church St. Land has been cleared & utilities installed. The new owner wished to demolish a wall. No planning application has been made to date. Action: Site to be monitored. Cllr Fane to be given information & will liaise with Planning Area manager and enforcement officers, reporting back to Cllr BL. He suggested inviting the developer to a PC meeting to present his plans.


9.       Village Design Guide adoption as supplementation planning document

a) Proposal to proceed with adoption by booking the required Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulation Assessment

at a cost of £1083. PT noted the expenditure would be covered by VDG earmarked reserves.

Minute: Members approved the proposal. Clerk to notify SCDC Planning Dept.

b) Production of a Consultation Statement & Equality Impact Assessment

AH & Planning dept to product the necessary documentation.


10.     Accounts (documents circulated prior to meeting)

a) To receive account balances & authorise payments in accordance with the RFOs report

Payments to be presented for approval               Amount

MM - village maintenance                                      320.00

HCGM - Rec & Riverpath cut/springer repair        204.00

Clerks expenses - stamps/L.pouches                     32.51

DJ - stakes for signs                                               16.38

SSE - phonebox & lampposts                                 24.82

Total                                                                  £1,065.19

Expenditure made prior to approval                     Amount

LGS - audit                                                             114.00

HCGM -grass cutting verges/rec                            516.00

MD/Scowp - grass cuts & watering kit                   108.45

PT/Scowp - Tree stakes/ties & hosepipes             491.44

HMRC - Paye Q1                                                   164.20

Total                                                                  £1,891.37

Resolved:  the account balances were receive & payments list duly authorised.

11.     Roads, Traffic and Police Report

a) LS traffic reduction proposal – RP update

Letter not submitted to Highways awaiting GSPC input. RP noted Local Highways Improvement fund is open for bids but consultation or survey with village is needed prior to application.  This would also be needed if the village is to adopt ‘20 is plenty’ measures. It was noted traffic patterns have changed since the pandemic.

Action: RP to compose a survey for use online and at the Fun Weekend.

b) Action regarding M11 noise – letter sent to Highways England.

Awaiting response

c) Update on High St repairs

Cllr BM to advise.

d) Network Rail level crossing report request

Action: DJ to request report.

12.     Allotments & SCOWP update:

a) Proposal to apply for an Urban Tree Challenge Fund grant

Presented by Mike Darsley, SCOWP work group. The grant of 10K for 24 larger trees to be planted over 2 years - 10 trees on the Wale and 14 on Blennies Patch. The grant has to be matched by equal funds or volunteer equivalent for maintenance of the trees following 3 years.  Cost of trees is estimated to be 7K-8K. The grant would be paid in annual tranches but SCOWP has funds to meet the initial outlay. With the use of volunteers the trees would cost nothing at the end of the 4 year period.  DJ proposed & KT seconded that the PC apply for the grant as outlined by MD. Members approved


Minute: Members agreed to support the proposal to apply for the UTCF grant. DJ & MD to complete the application process. Cllr DJ is authorised signatory on the application. Volunteers to be sort for maintaining the trees on the Wale.


b) Report of Allotments meeting held on 13th July

Meeting was well attended. One tenant has offered a petrol lawnmower for communal use.

-  Site survey for dog waste/litter bin

A site away from housing was agreed.

-  Proposal to make dogs on leads mandatory on allotments & Blennies patch

It was decided to make leads mandatory - to control dog waste - to prevent dogs disturbing wildlife including ground nesting birds – prevent straying outside the orchard area into the horse paddock & farmland.

Minute: Parish Council agreed to make dogs on leads mandatory on allotments and Blennies Patch.  Signage to be erected to reflect this.  


-  Update on signage to prevent public walking over allotments to orchard

DJ has posted signs at the allotment entrance and strategic points

c) Decision on request to fence an adjoining area of paddock for an allotment.

Cllrs objected to trees being planted on the proposed allotment. A fenced area would be permitted but it would require a unique agreement to ensure no easement issues or difficulties when the paddock is relinquished. Action: Clerk to seek advice from Capalc.


13. Matters relating to the Pavilion & Wale Recreation Ground

SP reported the Pavilion is preparing to open. Trustees will take all necessary measures beforehand. Discussion followed on the need for a mirror on the highway to make the Wale entrance safer. Clerk reported that Highways have a strict no mirror policy. Action: SP to seek other solutions from the Highways Safety officer.

a) Report of Hemlock near playground

Hemlock has been removed by hand. Contractor asked to cut back nettles.

b) Request for a picnic table – no report

c) Action re broken springer

The supplier HAGS has not responded to any calls or emails. Clerk had the springer repaired at a cost of £70 as it was a hazard. Action: Complaint to be made to HAGS


14.     Village matters

a) Councillors village walk

The Terrace name plates are both broken. Action: Clerk to report broken signs to SCDC.

b) Arrangements for Fun Weekend stall

PC is to man a stall with traffic calming / speed consultation theme.  Also using EWR display board. Actions RP to produce survey, SP arrange slots for councillors.  Clerk to look at badges for cllrs.



15.     Clerks correspondence

Clerk attended Community Flood Plan initial training. Further training available. The need for a Flood Plan to be added to next meeting agenda. 


16.     Any other business for next agenda

BL - Scheme for a village ground source heat pump.

SP – Village path between Gt & Lt Shelford

SP – Is the Navigator a listed Asset of Community Value?

The meeting ended 10:10pm



Next Parish Council Meeting:   Monday 20th September 2021



Signed _______________________________  Date _________________________

Chair, Little Shelford Parish Council      

Little Shelford Parish Council



Present: Andrew Hawthorn (Chair), Sarah Penn, Brie Lury, David Jones, Richard Patterson, Jenny Moon, Ken Turner. Peter Fane (SCDC Cllr) 

Parish Clerk: Penny Tanna          Members of the public: 0

1.       Election of Chair & Vice-Chair for 21/22 and Acceptance of Office

Andrew Hawthorn in the Chair invited the members to propose a new Chairman.  It was proposed by SP and seconded by KT that Andrew Hawthorn should be Chairman.   Agreed by all.

It was proposed by BL and seconded by BS that Sarah Penn should be Vice-Chairman.   Agreed by all.

Minute: AH and SP to sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office in the presence of the clerk in due course

2.       Apologies

Nick Sample.

3.       Allocation of Councillors’ responsibilities:

Agreed: that all Councillors would assume the following responsibilities:

Role                                  Council member

Chairman                         Andrew Hawthorn

Vice Chairman                 Sarah Penn

Finance                            Andrew Hawthorn

Planning                           Brie Lury / Sarah Penn

Strategic applications       Ken Turner  + RP for transport development

Village Design Guide        Andrew Hawthorn

Trees/Tree applications    David Jones 

Pavilion trustees               Ken Turner, Sarah Penn

Wale Recreation Ground  David Jones & Brie Lury

Transport (Roads/buses)  Richard Patterson, David Jones, Andrew Hawthorn

Police liaison                     Sarah Penn

Village Hall                         Ken Turner

Phone box                         Clerk

Allotments                         David Jones

Church                               David Jones 

East West Rail                   Andrew Hawthorn & Ken Turner

Entertainments Committee  David Jones, Brie Lury

Good Neighbour Project      Richard Patterson

4.       To resolve the minutes of the meeting 

held on 22nd March (circulated to members) be signed as a correct record.  

Minute:  Agreed by all as a correct record, to be signed & dated by the Chair.

5.       Matters arising: none

6.       To receive declarations of interest

Cllr Patterson – Employed by potential contractor with EWR (item 12)

Public Session: no public present

7.       To receive District Councillor’s report:

Report circulated. Cllr Fane covered the following points:

a. Applications can be made for Zero Carbon grants from 10th May. These are available for community buildings, tree planting and other carbon reduction schemes. Cllrs asked if SCOWP could apply again. PF will check. Action KT will bring it to the Village Hall Committee’s attention

b. PF was extremely disappointed that senior management have decided not to put the draft VDS through the processes required for adoption as a Supplementary Planning Document owing to lack of resources. This is disappointing given the time & effort that has gone into production of the guide.  The planning team suggested that if the draft VDG is published on the parish council’s webpages, they would gladly link to it and draw attention to it for planning officers to consider when they look at applications in the village. However, the document would have little planning weight.

He noted resources will be reviewed annually but as Planning is now a shared service, it has affected funding priorities.

8.       To receive County Councillor’s report:

No report provided.

9.       To review the independent auditors report

The audit took place on 4th May. The auditor raised 2 issues: Cllrs should withdraw from meetings when items of pecuniary interest are discussed and this should be reflected in the minutes. He also recommended the PC adopt online banking procedures as clerks & cllrs making payments was not best practice.

Action: Clerk to research bank accounts that provide dual authorisation

10.     To consider and approve the Annual Governance Statement 2020/21

The clerk circulated the Annual Return prior to meeting.

Minute: Resolved: to approve the specific answers given in Section 1 – The Annual Governance Statement of the Annual Return for the Year Ended 31 March 2021. Signed by the Chair and Clerk.

11.     Accounts (documents circulated prior to meeting)

a) To consider and approve the LSPC Financial statements for 2020-21

AH noted reserves included the allotment deposit funds and the agreed £1000 had been added to LHI bid earmarked reserves.

Minute: Resolved to approve the Financial Statements.

b) To consider & approve the AGAR Accounting Statements 2020-21

Figures were provided by the RFO and confirmed by Cllr AH. The bank reconciliation, explanation of variances & cashbooks were circulated prior to meeting.

Minute: Resolved to approve the Accounting Statements.  Annual return Section 2 to be signed and dated by the Chair

c) To receive account balances and authorise payments

 in accordance with the RFOs report

Payments to be presented for approval       Amount

DJ - AVM flyers                                               60.00

Playsafety - Rospa report                             124.20

Capalc renewal                                             383.75

HCGM - Rec & Riverpath cut                        120.00

AH - Cambridge Approaches (s137)           2500.00

NO - Playground fence repair                       160.00

SLCC - membership renewal                       130.00

Cambridge Water - allotment supply              36.01

Total                                                         £3,981.44

Resolved:  the account balances were receive & payments list duly authorised.

d) To consider Zoom license renewal

After some discussion it was agreed to renew the license in case of further lock downs.

Minute: Members agreed to renew Zoom license for 12 months. AH to be reimbursed for last year and current year licenses at a cost of £120 p.a.

12.     East West Rail Project

a) Confirmation of approved £2500 pledge payment to Cambridge Approaches (CA)

On announcement of EWR consultation, CA requested the balance of the previously agreed pledge. Owing to the urgency of the request, using delegated power, minuted at the March meeting, the clerk, after consultation with all cllrs, barring Cllr RP, actioned the payment.

Minute: Members confirmed approval of payment to Cambridge Approaches of the final £2500 portion of the pledge approved at February meeting. It was noted that as CA only have online banking, payment was made via the Chair who is to be refunded.

b) Proposed response to consultation.

The EWR consultation closes on 9th June. Two cllrs are to attend the EWR local representatives meeting on 27th May. It was decided the deadline should be publicised to ensure full participation of the community.

Action: Banners indicating the deadline to be posted around the village. Posters to be displayed on the noticeboard.  Cllrs to hand out paper copies of the relevant section of the EWR consultation form on polling day (following covid guidelines).

Cllrs discussed compiling the PC’s formal consultation response. It was noted that only Questions 1, 40 & 41 relate to the Northern route issue and the Shelfords and Hauxton route alignment.  Action: AH to formulate a draft response to Qs 40 & 41 highlighting loss of green belt, environmental concerns, the closure of the Hauxton Rd level crossing. DJ to respond to Q1 supporting the Northern route.  Initial drafts to be shared via email with cllrs for input, feedback and final approval before submission.

13.     Roads, Traffic & Police Report

a) Traffic reduction proposal update

Cllr RP is still waiting for feedback from Gt Shelford cllrs with regard to the draft a letter to Cambridgeshire Highways Division. He & SP are meeting the Highways Officer to discuss possible improvements to trouble spots in the village.

He brought the 20’s Plenty campaign to the attention of the cllrs. They are asking councils to table the following motion “This Parish supports 20’s Plenty for Cambridgeshire’s aim for wide-area, default signed 20mph limits with public engagement for this Parish and across Cambridgeshire’s urban and village settlements.”  It was noted consultation with the village would be needed before any changes in speed limits could be approved. Action: 20s Plenty to be on the September agenda to see if it can aid the village in achieving it’s road safety goals.

14.     Village Parish Plan proposal update – SP

SP put an article in the village magazine.  There were no responses or requests for a new survey. Action: Engagement planned with the public at the Fun Weekend stall.

15.     Review of communication methods

AH met with David Martin. He has plans to upgrade his website platform which will improve it’s accessibility rating.  He is open to working with the PC and delegating management of PC content to a cllr or clerk. AH & PT to meet with DM.

16.     Shelford Community Orchard & Woodland Project (SCOWP) update

No new planting is planned until Autumn. The clerk has been asked to purchase the watering equipment specified on the Zero Carbon grant application totalling approximately £750. She has also been asked to pre-order the trees ready for Autumn delivery.

Minute: Cllrs approved purchases. Clerk to action in consultation with the chair & SCOWP.

17.     Allotments:

a) Report of meeting held 28th April. 

The meeting was well attended. The proposed amendments to tenancy agreement were accepted. Tenants have requested a new tap. PT to get costings.

Concerns were raised regarding members of the public walking over the allotments to access the orchard. Action: Temporary signs to be posted indicating route for public access & no trespassing. The gap in fence to be augmented with more wire. A budget of £250 was approved.

Dog waste bags have been left on site.  Discussion followed over possible dog waste/litter bin for the site. There are significant costs if the bin is not on the main road or is on the main road but considered unnecessary by SCDC. Bins that are on private roads cost £365 each and cost £3 to empty each time, ie £520 if emptied once a week. Bins will not be installed until a site survey is made. It was noted residents would not want bins outside their house. Action: Clerk to ask for a site survey so all the possible options are known before a decision is made.

Minute: Cllrs agreed a budget of £885 in principal. Clerk to proceed with the installation provided the site survey approval is obtained and a suitable site is agreed. DJ & AH to approve prior to purchase.

18. Matters relating to the Pavilion & Wale Recreation Ground

a) Review of Rospa playground inspection report

The Rospa safety inspection of the children’s playground was carried out on April 17th. The report, circulated to all members, indicates some low and one medium risk elements but no urgent issues requiring immediate action. One element requires a replacement bolt. The gate hinge, fencing and turf surface require maintenance. Action: Clerk to contact HAGS regarding repair of spring stool & will attach a do not use sign on it.

Minute: Council have read the Rospa report and noted the advice outlined within.

b) Uneven ground near playground has been reported.

Some rabbit holes near the playground fencing need filling.

c) Wale pedestrian access – complaint received.

A complaint has been received regarding pedestrian access into the Wale, particularly for those with prams. On inspection the paths were deemed adequate. The cost of wide paved paths would be prohibitive.

d) Request for new picnic table on the Wale ground.

A villager has requested another table on the Wale & kindly offered to fund half the cost. Clerk circulated a quote. DJ proposed purchasing a table similar to the existing one.

Minute: Cllrs agreed to purchase a second table at a cost of £385 plus installation and thanked the resident for their generosity. Clerk to action.

e) Proposal for a set of Recreation Ground Rules

Postponed to September meeting

19.     Village Design Guide update

The guide is having a final edit in Desktop publishing. On completion it will be posted on the village website. The Planning Dept will direct applicants to the document but it will carry no legal weight.

20.     Village matters

a) Councillors village walk

Some graffiti around the village. The Terrace sign and the Hauxton Rd signs are broken. Action: Clerk to report broken signs to SCDC.

b) Review of Annual Village Meeting

The meeting was well attended with 60-80 joining. DJ thanked all the candidates who spoke at the hustings and all those who attended.

21.     Planning report

Recent applications :  

21/00899/FHUL & 21/00900/LBC - 93 High St – 2 storey rear extension & alterations to listed building. Demolition & replacement of outbuilding – comment submitted

BL thanked PF for assisting in bringing issues to the attention of the Planning officer. The Enforcement Officer has attended the site.

21/01166/HFUL – 3 Church St – single storey rear extension & raise height of link roof.

21/01216/HFUL – 14 Church St – Erection of new cartlodge, removal of wall and associated works. Some concerns were raised as the cartlodge will be visible from the highway. Comment to be submitted.

21/00417/TTCA – 25 Church St - Fell decayed Prunus; Raise crown on Ash; reduce crown on Cotoneaster

21/0414/TTCA  – 6 Newton Rd – Reduce height of Ash by 1.5m & 2 Prunus by 2m & .5m

21/0487/TTCA – 8 High St – Fell 7 Leylandii in poor condition

22.     Clerks correspondence

A resident has complained about the noise from the motorway. The tree screening is no longer adequate.  Action: RP to discuss situation with Highways Dept.

Net Zero Now training program available - circulated

Camcycle – School Streets initiative – circulated

23.     Any other business for next agenda

DJ invited the PC to the opening of the Youth Centre on 17th July.

The SSYI garden party will be held on 26th June

The meeting ended 10:25pm


Next Parish Council Meeting:   Monday 19th July 2021



Signed _______________________________  Date _________________________

Chair, Little Shelford Parish Council